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New catalogue & DRAKAT Games acquisition   Leave a comment

It’s been over two years, but it’s here at last: Catalogue 11! As well as the usual comprehensive information about every Draken Games product, there’s also news about our acquisition of DRAKAT Games, along with their entire catalogue of gaming products!

And not forgetting our traditional free mini-game! This one is called Incident at Irgo Island and it’s a hex-and-counter game of aerial combat in a Victorian sci-fi alternative history. Just click on the image below to get all this for absolutely NOTHING!

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CYBERblack is back!   Leave a comment

Yes it’s that time of year again! We’ve had a heck of a 2020, so why not reward yourself with one of our games at a massive 33% discount!

Head along now to browse our storefronts at wargamedownloads, drivethrurpg and wargamevault.

But don’t dawdle, this sale ends at the end of Cyber Monday (30th November)!

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How to play games while in lockdown… AND help fight Corona virus   Leave a comment

As many of us face the prospect of a prolonged period of limited social contact, games meet-ups will sadly need to be put on hold for a while. Luckily, we have two products designed with solo gaming in mind! And for each copy sold, we will donate half our takings to the Red Cross to support their work across the world to help health authorities fight the pandemic.

For wargamers, our Mini-Game Compendium features three small hex-and-counter mini-games, two of which are specifically intended for solo play. It costs just $1, of which 35 cents will go to the Red Cross. Just click on the image below to find out more.

New Compendium cover image

And for roleplayers, Last Stand at Kirrinbahr is a complete solo gamebook fantasy RPG adventure, including full rules. It costs $6.95, of which $2.43 cents will go to the Red Cross. Just click on the image below to find out more.

Last Stand rebranded cover image

Stay safe!

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It’s CyberBlack sale time!   Leave a comment

CYBER black banner

It’s that time of year again! Get Draken Games downloads at a whopping 33% discount from either drivethruRPG or wargamedownloads. The sale is on now and runs through to the end of Cyber Monday.

Don’t miss out!

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Part Two of the Vectis play-through now on Youtube   Leave a comment

See how the battle for the Isle of Wight ended! Just click here to watch.

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Latest video: Vectis play-through   Leave a comment

We have a new video up on our Youtube Channel: Part One of a play-through of our wargame Vectis.

To see it, just click on the link below:

Vectis Play-through Part One

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Vectis video is now available   Leave a comment

Available now on the Draken Games’ Youtube channel is a discussion of our first ever wargame, Vectis. To have a look, just click on the link below:

Vectis video

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New Mini-Games Compendium now available   Leave a comment

Mini-Game Compendium 2 cover image (large)

Yes we have a new product out! Well, sorta – it’s our second compendium of past catalogue freebies. This one collects all our Argor-related catalogue mini-games into one product. While it’s designed to support Argor FRPG, it should be pretty easy to convert these games to work with most fantasy RPG rules. Also, the wargame elements are completely standalone, with full rules provided.

School of Axios is a location resource: full details of a minor magic school, including plans of the college house, details of the school’s owner and his staff and six new spells. Also included is some intriguing back story concerning the owner….

Raid on Spurhaven starts with a mini-scenario where the party must race against Great Orcs to find a magical artefact that could turn the course of an upcoming battle – followed by a wargame that allows the actual battle to be fought.

Escape from the Trow follows the same format – a mini-scenario in which the party is sent to rescue the Council of Elders, who have been taken for ransom by trow. This is followed by a wargame as the Free Peoples send a raiding force to evacuate the party.

If preferred, both wargames can be played completely standalone.

So, that’s three resources for just $1.50! You can get them from wargamevault and wargamedownloads.

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Another catalogue, another free game…   Leave a comment

Draken Games Catalogue 10 truncated cover image

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that Catalogue 10 is out now and includes the free hex-and-counter wargame 1875: Mars Attacks Essex! Inspired by HG Wells’ War of the Worlds, this is designed to be concise (an A4 board and just two pages of rules) and quick (half an hour per game at most). As with all our catalogue freebies, once the catalogue is retired the game won’t ever be available for free again!

You can download your free copy at wargamevault or wargamedownloads.


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Cyber Black time!   Leave a comment

CYBER black banner

Is it really that time of year already? Suppose it must be… so, time for our combined Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. All our titles at DriveThruRPGWargamevault and War Game Downloads are available at a 33% discount until the end of Monday 3rd December. Don’t dawdle!

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