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Announcing our Cyber Black sale   Leave a comment

CYBER black banner

From the start of Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday, all our products are available for 25% off in our Cyber Black sale. The offer is running until the end of Monday 2nd December at wargamedownloads (here), drivethrurpg (here) and wargamevault (here)

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New image, new catalogue, new prices (some of them LOWER!)   Leave a comment

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to announce that Draken Games has been re-branded, and that Catalogue 6 is now out to promote this re-brand. As well as re-badging our products with the new logo, I’ve taken the opportunity to correct typos and make some design improvements. I’ve also looked at our prices: don’t worry, Catalogue 6 sees only one price rise, Last Stand at Kirrinbahr. But I think this is more than compensated by dropping the price of Vectis by a full US dollar and reducing the prices of several of our printed products.

As is now customary, our latest catalogue includes a free mini-game. This time it’s a fun hex-and-counter wargame called Santa & the Goblin War. You can download your free copy by going to the About page on this site and clicking in the image. Alternatively, you can get it here.


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Vectis example campaign now available on slideshare   Leave a comment

The rules for our Napoleonic hex-and-counter wargame Vectis feature a series of fictional vignettes to illustrate how the game progresses. These were inspired from an actual playtest of the game. This playtest is now available as a free Powerpoint presentation here.


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