Archive for December 2012 Winter Offensive   Leave a comment are running their regular Winter Offensive sale between now and 2nd January, and Draken Games are participating. All our wargames are available for a 25% discount while the sale is on.

Take a look at our page here:

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Christmas and New Year Sale!   Leave a comment

Well Christmas IS a time for giving… so, from now until the end of New Year Day, we’re giving a 20% discount on all our RPG products at and Just follow the links below to see what’s on offer:

And a very Merry Christmas to you from Draken Games!

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Holiday offers at   Leave a comment

Lulu are offering 13 days of deals – a different one each day. If you’re interested in buying a printed version of one of our products, it might be a good idea to visit and see what the day’s offer is.

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Admission of defeat (for now)   1 comment

Apologies to anyone who voted in the Poll for the next free game. The Christmas wargame won and I have started work on it, but I’m afraid the demands of my part-time MBA have been just too great: there’s no way it will be done ahead of Christmas and releasing it after Christmas seems a bit lame.

So, instead I’ll be working on the runner-up option of a solo air defence game to accompany the next catalogue, which will be out toward the end of winter/early spring (as I want to get Chariot of the Gods finished to accompany its release).

The Christmas game WILL get done though, so watch out for it ahead of Christmas 2013!

Thanks for your patience!

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