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RPGnet Q&A session log   Leave a comment

Well, I did the Q&A session that Dan Davenport kindly set up for me at RPGnet’s webchat channel. Dan logged the session, and if you want to find out more about Argor FRPG it’s a good place to start, as I go into some depth about the game mechanics, the races, character creation etc.

You can read the transcript of the session here:

(Please excuse the typos!)

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Live Argor FRPG Q&A session on RPGnet   Leave a comment

If you want to talk about Argor, I’ll be doing a Q&A session on RPGnet’s live chat channel. The session will start at 7pm CST on Tuesday 28th October. I’ll have to work out what time that is in the UK as I have a horrible feeling they change their clocks at a different time to us. Anyway, it will be stupid o’clock in the morning for me, but well worth it and I’m really pleased to be invited. Pleased and a bit nervous!

If you want to take part, the link is:

See you there!

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Latest update video from BrigadeCon 2014   Leave a comment

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Draken Games sponsors BrigadeCon 2014   1 comment

Ok here’s something that looks really intriguing, and I’m glad to be doing my bit to support it: BrigadeCon offers all the fun of a physical convention, only from the comfort of your home! Yep, it’s an entirely online event. Draken Games are happy to be one of the con’s sponsors, and a lucky few attendees will get the chance to win a copy of Argor FRPG.

Just click on the image below to visit their site. The event takes place on 15th November.


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Argor FRPG errata   Leave a comment

Those of you who have already downloaded a copy should find that you have the option to update it, as I’ve uploaded a new version which has corrected a few errata. These are:

  • Getting the Appendix number of the ‘useful tables’ wrong in the text
  • A couple of pre-generated character sheets had errors in the Craft/Knowledge skill point allocations
  • The stats for the bull were assigned to the carnosaur and vice versa. I mean if you want a VERY scary bull (and rather less scary dinosaurian predator), fine, use the original stats. But I’d recommend going with the correction!

All the corrections are now made – new buyers will get the updated version, and like I said, those of you who have already got a copy will get the opportunity to upgrade.

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