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Away for some quality thinking time   Leave a comment

Also known as my summer holiday! Often a fruitful time for game designing, so I’ll be away with several notebooks and see what a combination of free time and German wine can do for my creative processes! Meanwhile do please go to the Player’s Poll and pick the next Draken Games freebie, I’ll need to get to work on it as soon as I’m back!

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A quick reminder   Leave a comment

For those of you who didn’t see this on our old website, just to let you know that two of our games have been given seller’s awards by the people who run and 1871: The Battle of Dorking has a Copper Award and The GM’s Planet-Building Handbook has a Silver Award.


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Ok, I think this site is about ready. I hereby launch, god bless all who sail in her! Thanks for visiting the new site, do please have a look around, take part in our poll, leave a comment maybe. This home page will be kept current with Draken Games news, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

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New Draken Games website taking shape   Leave a comment

Hi all, just a quick place-holding post as I get the new Draken Games site up and running. More features and news will follow so do please keep checking back!

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