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Miniature figures

There are a number of online suppliers who provide miniature figures that you can download, print and fold into shape. These are a really cost-effective way of visualising the action in Argor.

Arion Games. Arion Games produce a number of ranges of miniatures. Their Ancients range, Medieval range and Historical range all have suitable human figures, while their Fantasy range has a lot of figures that are suitable for Argor.

Avalon Games. Avalon produce a huge range of miniatures: too many to list, so go and browse.

Brave Adventures. Check out their Mercenaries set, and also their Witch-hunters, which have a suitably medieval look. On the non-human front, their Ratman Warband make pretty damn good rodus!

Dramascape. Have a look at their Fantasy Creatures set, it has a number of figures suitable for use with Argor’s non-human races.

Okumarts Games. Okumarts’ Darkfast series has a number of suitable figures. There is even a free taster Classic Fantasy Set.

Permes. Permes produce a number of suitable figures. Their Historical series can be used for humans, and includes a free Ancient Warriors Demo Set. They also produce a very extensive Fantasy series, including a free Fantasy Set.

Pigmi Games. Pigmi Games’ Splinterwood range features a variety of elves and goblins.



If you’re using miniature figures, why not have some terrain for them to move over? It offers a bit of variety to white paper!

DRAKAT Games. DRAKAT produce three sets of terrains for use in RPGs: Gamegrids, Gamegrids 2 and Gamegrids 3.


Other stuff

Generic RPG stuff that might augment your Argor experience.

DRAKAT Games. DRAKAT have a nice little NPC Personality Generator that you could maybe use in conjunction with Argor FRPG’s pre-generated NPC tables.

Posted September 23, 2014 by Mark

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