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Here are links to a few pages that you might find worth a look…

Battreps BlogSpot. A gamer reviews his battles, in loving detail. Mostly solo games.

BeABetterGameMaster. A Youtube channel that is entertaining AND makes you a better GM.

Boardgamegeek. Reviews and forums for boardgamers.

DRAKAT Games. I’ve helped Bethany get her games stuff to the publishing stage. So ok I’m biased, but I do think you’ll like the GM resources she produces.

Frugal GM. He’s a GM and he doesn’t want to spend too much money. And he’s going to share how to do that with you. Probably the most complete catalogue of solo gamebooks there is.

JdrD30. The Youtube channel of François Letarte. He’s French Canadian and the channel is bilingual, with some items in French and some in English. Lots of RPG content, from brief thoughts about a single aspect of RPGs through to recordings of complete gaming sessions.

RPGgeek. The RPG-oriented twin of Boardgamegeek.

RPG-resource. A varied mix of useful RPG stuff, most notable for the large amount of reviews. Though not of any of our stuff yet. Just saying.

Theminiaturespage. A site aimed at miniature figures gamers.

Posted March 15, 2014 by Mark

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