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Obviously, we think our game products are good, or we wouldn’t offer them! But don’t just take our word for it: here are some of the comments made by people who have purchased Draken Games products…


Argor FRPG

“It’s a good game. Nothing revolutionary, but it’s just right for what it does” (Francois L)

“There is quite a lot squeezed into the 168 pages… it’s worth pretty much a look..” (Stephen Y)


Distant Vistas

“I grabbed Distant Vistas between sessions and based a lot of my game world on the material therein. The information presented in it is detailed enough to offer a GM a good foundation. However, there’s a lot left open as well which gives me a certain sense of freedom to flex and bend things as I see fit.” (Sean M)

“Some GMs need a helping hand when creating an adventure campaign. It can happen often in a sci-fi game where the PCs follow a direction you did not anticipate. To grab content on the fly, there are supplements like Distant Vistas that has numerous pieces of source material to fill those gaps and keep your games going. It’s a definite asset to any Game Master’s library.” (Aaron H)


Anyburg and the Lands Thereabout

“I’ve wanted a book like this for a long time! Well-written, nicely laid-out, and chock full of great data. Well worth the price!” (Julia E)

“Fantastic help to create a realistic town, village or city. Not only offers numbers and statistics of population, density and professions, but also includes a review to add the typical fantastic races like orcs or elves. It is separated in three main bodies:

  • the town itself, with the minimum professionals per inhabitant to make it independent, divided by sectors (defence, education, trade, religious), with mention to fantasy genre.
  • the lands and limits of the typical city, natural resources, crops, etc, needed for the number of inhabitants and the type of the city.
  • several examples including maps and types of fortifications and castles, the example of the design of a town, and a template to create your own cities and maps.

Although most of the information is based mostly on medieval Britain, with little research it can be adapted to most of European medieval cultures and to any fantasy set-up.” (Fernando G)


Last Stand at Kirrinbahr

“So far, I have played many ‘Chose your adventure’ solo RPGs, and I hope to play many more, from Lone Wolf series available for free download at Project Aon web page, up to relatively recently published Chronicles of Arax. But so far none of them offered as much fun as a game called Last Stand at Kirrinbahr, made by Mark Wightman.” (Aleksandar S)

“I found this to be an extremely satisfying mini-adventure. The book opens with a minimalist but satisfying setup that conveys urgency of mission without wasting a lot of time on unnecessary backstory. This is followed by the meat of the adventure which focuses on the exploration of an old castle, and it all comes to a gratifying conclusion complete with plot twists and desperate battles.” (Demian K)

“I’m really liking this game, so far. The author puts a lot of backstory, theme, and flavor into the rules/paragraphs.” (Judy K)



“A singular subject! Excellent!” (Jose D)

“An interesting Alternate History subject. So far it’s a nice game.” (Kim M)


1871: The Battle of Dorking

“Nice little game on a ‘What If’ battle. I do need to keep exploring this game more.” (Kim M)

“An excellent study of a little known subject – recommended!” (Eric H)


1871: Last Stand at Surbiton

“A good supplement to an excellent game – well done!” (Eric H)

“Excellent game. congratulations!!!” (Jose D)


The GM’s Planet-Building Handbook

“Excellent book, it is short and to the point ! This is not a set of tables to randomly generate worlds, we have this in many sf games anyways. This guide explains you how do planet “work”, what is the physic and the logic in their features, climates, etc. It is not too technical and it is very easy to read. Once you have read this book you won’t be looking at rpg planets the same way anymore. A MUST READ before going into planet design.” (DD)

“If you’re running a sci-fi RPG that involves interplanetary travel and you, like me, don’t know all that much about the details of planetary physics, then you owe this resource to yourself and your players. You’ll need to track along with some science and math, but author Mark Wightman keep it simple, always with an eye on helping the GM create interesting yet basically realistic planets. Aspiring sci-fi writers would benefit from this book, too.” (Christopher H)


How to Create Great Fantasy Maps (Even if You Can’t Draw)

“Excellent booklet, well worth the price if you want to draw your own maps from scatch, don’t have an advanced drawing program and are not an accomplished artist.” (Mark W)

“… if you are just an average gamer who would love to make some cool maps without 4 years of Art school and thousand dollar computer programs, then this is just what the doctor ordered! For a buck and a half you can change your skillset. Not many things today can deliver on that! Buy it…and start mapping!” (Randy M)

“It’s very printer friendly. No large black spaces. No backgrounds. Just text and maps… It’s a fun, practical way to learn how to draw maps. The examples are great… I give a big thumbs up for How to Create Great Fantasy Maps.” (Tim S)

Posted April 3, 2013 by Mark

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