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You might have come to this site looking for 1871: The Battle of Dorking. I’m afraid we don’t publish that any more: we have sold the rights to Tiny Battle Publishing. You can buy the game still, either as PDF download or as an actual printed product.

The game is essentially the same. It’s now called Dorking 1875: The German Conquest of Britain. Yes the date changed – turns out the war was set four years after the publication of the story I based the game on, so this new version was an opportunity to make that correction!

It has been great doing business with Tiny Battle Publishing, who have brought some real production quality to the game.

To get the PDF download version of the game, click on the image below:

New Dorking cover

Or go to Tiny Battle Publishing‘s website, where you can also order the printed version.

As an aside, the game has also come to the attention of Dorking Museum, whose curator wrote the following piece for the local newspaper:

Dorking Ad 18-02-16

Posted April 10, 2016 by Mark

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