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New Year, New Game sale   Leave a comment

It’s the time of year when drivethrurpg offer core RPG rules at a big discount, and that includes Argor FRPG.

So you have a week to wander over and get it for just $5.96.

Just click on the image below to have a look at Argor at our storefront.

Argor cover image 1

Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone!

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Argor FRPG sale   Leave a comment

Our fantasy RPG Argor isn’t specifically aimed at kids so doesn’t qualify for DrivethruRPG’s Teach Your Kids To Game Week sale. However, with it’s easy-to-learn game mechanics and Argor Lite option, it’s very suitable for use with younger gamers. So we’re running our very own sale from now through to 22nd November: during that period you can get Argor FRPG at a whopping 30% discount! Just click on the image below to go straight to the sale page.

Argor cover image 1

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Our first Argor supplement – The Bale: Undead in Argor   Leave a comment

Okay so Ellen really doesn’t like undead stuff and was very insistent that none appear in the Argor FRPG rules… however, you can’t not have undead, really, can you? Hence the release of our first supplement for Argor, The Bale: Undead in Argor.

The supplement gives you full descriptions of seven undead races, plus information about a creed dedicated to fighting them, along with nine new spells and three magic items.

It’s available for just $1 at and Click on the¬†image below for more information, including the chance to look at some preview pages.

The Bale cover 2

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At last! We qualify for the New Year, New Game sale!   Leave a comment

Why is this a big deal I hear you ask? Well, because drivethrurpg/RPGnow only allow companies selling original full RPG rules to enter… and the publication of Argor FRPG means we qualify for the first time ever!

So if you fancy spending some Christmas money on our classic fantasy RPG while its discounted by 15%, just check it out at the link below:

The sale ends on Sunday 11th January.

Oh and Happy New Year, by the way!

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Congrats to the RPG Brigade   Leave a comment

Sounds like the inaugural BrigadeCon went down a storm! Well done all concerned, including the three lucky winners of Argor FRPG downloads!

Same time next year, everyone?

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New catalogue (with free RPG resource) out NOW   Leave a comment

Draken Games Catalogue 7 is now available for download! And in keeping with recent tradition, there’s a gaming freebie included. Previous freebies have been simple hex-and-counter games, but to mark the recent launch of Argor FRPG we’re offering a game resource this time. The School of Axios gives full details of the wandering southman magic user Axios and the small school of magic he has set up on Mainisle. There’s a full description of Axios himself, stats for his servants and the complete School of Axios spell book, featuring six new spells. There is also a description of the College House, with floor plans.

Obviously this resource is designed for Argor, but with a bit of work it could be made useable with a wide range of fantasy RPGs.

Click on the link below to download the catalogue for free .

Catalogue 7

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New Argor-friendly resource available   Leave a comment

One of our partners, Brave Adventures, has just released downloadable rat man miniature figures that make ideal rodus! Check out the Ratman Warband.

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RPGnet Q&A session log   Leave a comment

Well, I did the Q&A session that Dan Davenport kindly set up for me at RPGnet’s webchat channel. Dan logged the session, and if you want to find out more about Argor FRPG it’s a good place to start, as I go into some depth about the game mechanics, the races, character creation etc.

You can read the transcript of the session here:

(Please excuse the typos!)

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Live Argor FRPG Q&A session on RPGnet   Leave a comment

If you want to talk about Argor, I’ll be doing a Q&A session on RPGnet’s live chat channel. The session will start at 7pm CST on Tuesday 28th October. I’ll have to work out what time that is in the UK as I have a horrible feeling they change their clocks at a different time to us. Anyway, it will be stupid o’clock in the morning for me, but well worth it and I’m really pleased to be invited. Pleased and a bit nervous!

If you want to take part, the link is:

See you there!

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Latest update video from BrigadeCon 2014   Leave a comment

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