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Draken Games sponsors BrigadeCon 2014   1 comment

Ok here’s something that looks really intriguing, and I’m glad to be doing my bit to support it: BrigadeCon offers all the fun of a physical convention, only from the comfort of your home! Yep, it’s an entirely online event. Draken Games are happy to be one of the con’s sponsors, and a lucky few attendees will get the chance to win a copy of Argor FRPG.

Just click on the image below to visit their site. The event takes place on 15th November.


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Argor FRPG errata   Leave a comment

Those of you who have already downloaded a copy should find that you have the option to update it, as I’ve uploaded a new version which has corrected a few errata. These are:

  • Getting the Appendix number of the ‘useful tables’ wrong in the text
  • A couple of pre-generated character sheets had errors in the Craft/Knowledge skill point allocations
  • The stats for the bull were assigned to the carnosaur and vice versa. I mean if you want a VERY scary bull (and rather less scary dinosaurian predator), fine, use the original stats. But I’d recommend going with the correction!

All the corrections are now made – new buyers will get the updated version, and like I said, those of you who have already got a copy will get the opportunity to upgrade.

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Argor FRPG is live!   Leave a comment

Well it has taken a heck of a while, but our fantasy RPG is finally ready for your perusal! Just click on the image below to go our site where you can browse a few pages.

Argor cover image 1

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Argor FRPG VERY near to release…   Leave a comment

… but not quite as near as I thought. Apologies to anyone who has visited this site’s new Argor FRPG page and seen that the release date was 18th September. We’ve had some last minute distractions that mean it’s prudent to delay the release for a week.

Sorry for the delay, but Argor Fantasy Role Playing Game will definitely be released on Thursday 25th September!

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Update… finally, our Fantasy RPG is nearly ready   Leave a comment

This has been a looooong time coming, but the finish line is at last in sight for our Fantasy Game. It even has a name now: Argor Fantasy Role Playing Game. Or Argor FRPG for short.

I’m just putting the finishing touches to the rules before sending them to a professional author support service for final proofing. I’m really glad to have come across this service. After working on these rules for years now I know I’m too close to be objective about them, so I think to do the job properly this is just what I need.

You can find details of the service I’m using at

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