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As promised, our new offering Chariot of the Gods has been completed and is now available at

CotG cover image

Chariot of the Gods is a scenario designed for a party of 4-8 players. The party need to cross an inhospitable mountain range – luckily, a miraculous flying ship in the charge of a kindly cleric is available. Of course, life is never that simple: the local villagers need help in a desperate search for an abducted young couple, and the skies along the journey are by no means friendly. Also, is the cleric really as kindly as he seems…?

The scenario is generic, designed for use with any fantasy RPG rules. At present it is only available as a PDF download from, at a price of $2.

Found out more at

HOWEVER… if you’re reading this ahead of Monday 4th March then you might want to wait until then before buying, as we will be participating in a week-long sale at starting at 10am Eastern Standard Time and lasting all week.

Posted March 2, 2013 by Mark in Draken Games news

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