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The GM’s Planet-Building Handbook available in print AT LAST   Leave a comment

Ok, after a year of trying to make the formatting of the Handbook work with, I’ve given up and re-jigged some tables and diagrams to fit into portrait orientation. So, some of the map templates are smaller than in the PDF version and some tables are re-designed with smaller fonts, but at last our best-selling product can be bought as a shiny, coil-bound, full colour paperback, priced at £8.50 plus p&p.

More details (and you can buy a copy if you want) here.

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Time for an update! (and some new awards)   Leave a comment

Well I think we’re due an update! Chariot of the Gods is, at long last, in the final proofing stage and will be released soon – watch this space for more news.

Meanwhile, we have found out that two more of our products have reached drivethrurpg/wargamevault Seller Awards. Both Distant Vistas and Anyburg and the Lands Thereabout have reached Copper Award status. Yay!



Posted February 26, 2013 by drakengames in Uncategorized Winter Offensive   Leave a comment are running their regular Winter Offensive sale between now and 2nd January, and Draken Games are participating. All our wargames are available for a 25% discount while the sale is on.

Take a look at our page here:

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Away for some quality thinking time   Leave a comment

Also known as my summer holiday! Often a fruitful time for game designing, so I’ll be away with several notebooks and see what a combination of free time and German wine can do for my creative processes! Meanwhile do please go to the Player’s Poll and pick the next Draken Games freebie, I’ll need to get to work on it as soon as I’m back!

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A quick reminder   Leave a comment

For those of you who didn’t see this on our old website, just to let you know that two of our games have been given seller’s awards by the people who run and 1871: The Battle of Dorking has a Copper Award and The GM’s Planet-Building Handbook has a Silver Award.


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